Victoria "Vicki" Monsoon
Vital statistics
Type Mermaid
Age Unknown
Residence Crystaldawn

Victoria Monsoon is the siren daughter of Poseidon, she is also assimilated with the goddess Nike. She likes to swim, sing, read and write. She also is feircly independent and often likes to take matters in to her own hands. She is qucik to listen to advice and assist her friends when they are in need of help.


Mermaid Her first and natural form

Cat A cute little kitten named Chi.



Goddess Nike


Greek goddess Nike

Nike is known as the goddess of Victory, she was described as the daughter of Poseidon and Styx as well as the granddaughter of Oceanus. She assumes the role of the divine Charoteer, a role in which she is often portrayed in Classical Greek Art. Her Roman counterpart is Victoria, which is Latin for victory.