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    Wiki structures

    July 3, 2013 by Iamvincentliu

    This is a version of Breadcrumb navigation on Wikivoyage. With templates, tree structures of pages are linked on top of pages. Example: Central Store


    1. The entire tree of pages is displayed
    2. Structures can be changed without moving pages
    3. Page title/linking easier to understand


    1. The page structure is not recognized by the software
    2. Pages cannot have the same name, which creates pages names like this
    3. Moving one parent page requires editing all subpage templates

    Pages are nested under other pages. Example page.


    1. Does not require templates
    2. Full page tree is displayed in the title
    3. Allows for same page names under different parent pages
    4. Moving one parent page also moves the subpages


    1. Makes long page names for deep structures
    2. Only one layer of …

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