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Vital statistics
Age 16

16 year old Ragnar Halvorsen, son of Hod & Lofn. Lives in Scandinavia with his mother. Father is living in seclusion, thanks to something that happened long ago.

As a kid, Ragnar was a handful... like most boys. Played with the local kids, and caused a bit of ruckus. Started dreaming of A certain girl, when he was 10, and of a future he so desperately craves.

When he was 5 the ability to shape-shift developed, and he used this as a way to hide from the world.

At 10, he learned how to send his spirit wherever it wanted to go.  

His mother, senses his growing depression and tells him about the future he is said to have, and about the girl, he is promised to.

In hopes of finding a new life, and adventure he goes on a quest. Where it's going to take him, he's not quite sure... but he does hope it takes him to a place where she  is.