Gavroche Thénardier
Vital statistics
Type Resurrected human
Age 14
Residence Crystaldawn
Played by everyone


Gavroche Thenardier is the younger brother to Eponine (Melissa).  After dieying at the barricades in France in 1832 he is resurrected, by whom no one knows.  After finding himself in among these shadow creatures, Gavroche does what he does best, gather information.  He manages to get himself captured only to be freed by Melissa, Vicki, and the Undertaker.  He then lives with Clara in Crystaldawn, who helps him learn to fit in with his new world.

Unlike the rest of Melissa's family, his powers are natural ones, ones that he had in his first life only amplified.  These are his ability to find and gather information and his ability to charm others with his songs.  He prefers to stay with Melissa and Ron and gather information for them, but he will gather information for anyone Melissa calls a friend.